WAZA Cafe @ Lot10 ISETAN

Have you ever think that grabbing a quick lunch or dinner can be really a hard choice? Today, Waza Cafe would like to bring you the Japanese Bento that you can get at a really affordable price, RM15 to solve your problems. 

Where else could you ever get a 15bucks bento in ISETAN?!?!

I was told that this newly opened cafe is owned by Proton Dining but has nothing to do with our local proton brand! haha *joke*
It uses advance technology to keep the freshness of the food. 

So what so attractive about bento?
Bento defined by wiki is actually a home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. Hence, it is suitable for all age group ranging from children to elderly, and those who specially love home cook food.

Doesn’t it look yummy???

There are a varieties of bento provided by Waza Cafe.

And they are all at RM15!
Here’s a list with the ingredients in each bento =)

– Chicken karaage
– Potato Salada
– Baked broccoli
– Bean Sprout Itame
– Basil Potato
– Boiled Shrimp
– Putit Tomato
– Takuan
– Turmeric rice

(2) Saba-Miso Bento
– Saba-Miso
– Takiawase
– Pickles
– Friend Noodle
– Shrimp Nanban Dsyke
– Edo Tamago Yaki
– Sweet Potato
– Takuan
– Kayaku Rice

(3) Katsu Bento
– Chicken Katsu
– Takiawase
– Curry Pasta
– Baked Vege
– Takuan
– Edo Tamago Yaki
– Basil Potato
– Shrimp Nanban
– Hijiki Rice

(4) Teriyaki Bento
– Teriyaki Chicken
– Potato Salad/ Baked Brocolli
– Eggplant Marinade
– Edo Tamago Yaki
– Putit Tomato
– Goya Chample
– Fried Noodle
– Takuan
– Steamed Rice

I would personally suggest that if you are not in a rush, do take time to sit down and relax. Enjoy the environment as well as the food. 

Last but not least, thanks Waza Cafe for having me. Dont hesitate to pay them a visit at Isetan, Lot10, LG Floor.

Thanks for reading!

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