Dr. Ko Skin Specialist Founder’s Day 2017

Was very honoured to be invited to attend the KO Founder’s Day few days ago. To me, life is meaningful when we contribute to the world by bringing changes to others’ life. We always wait till something happened and we then only regret or even start blaming.

In fact we are very much being blessed compare to the less fortunates.  Same goes to Dr. Ko Clinic.

DR KO, the founder giving speech.

Dr. Ko Skin Specialist founded in 1997, is now the largest and leading dermatology and laser centre in Asia. It provides a range of aesthetic services from cosmetic dermatology and hair transplant to plastic surgery and even slimming.

Even though being such successful, Dr Ko Skin Specialist and Clinics do not hesitate to help the less privileged.  With every transaction at Dr. Ko Skin Specialist and Dr. Ko Clinics, RM1 will be donated to charity of choice from March 24 to April 30.

The local artistes Idris Khan and Dynas Mokhtar are also being the role model to create the awareness!

This not only able to create public awareness on charity but also inspire people to support the local communities. Even if the amount we contribute might not be significant enough but it will definitely meant alot to them!

Everything starts from “ME” and not wait for “YOU”.

Thanks for reading!

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