It has been 2 years since I started blog. To me, I always wanted to make it a personal diary, to share my experience while doing something I  like. However, when I look back on my previous posts, they were only being posted in the beginning of the year and slowly, it fades. Wonders kick in. I always adore how people can be so successful in doing things they like at the same time enjoying the entire process. I then found out the culprit – procrastination. Blaming around with not enough time will never help in doing things better. On the contrary, it makes things worse and causes delay in every single things you do. Something I learnt is always plan your day before starting it and make it go with the schedule. Like me, I am very fortunate to have Cstudio who provide my domain name.

This domain name is constantly playing an important role deep inside me. It recorded every memorable events of mine and acts as a life recorder. It generates the motivation from my nerves and made my fingers tip-tapping on the keyboard constantly. To me, I am not a very wordy person, I might talk alot but I hardly type. However, sometimes when you look back at it, you will feel glad that you actually forced yourself to write up a blog post and once again feel yourself being at that specific event once again. The edges of my mouth curve up whenever I scroll and read back my older post, a special feeling that no one else can tell. I promised myself and you readers that I will keep it alive.

In fact, very much thanks to Cstudio who constantly provide the domain name, their major support is very much appreciated!! To my readers who are not familiar with Cstudio, I would sincerely share with you what Cstudio does.

They are actually a dynamic & professional team which specialises in web design and development based in Malaysia. They provide professional and creative Webspace, Website Building, Website Design , Website Service Provide, Website Promotion, Penny Auction as well as Procurement.

Not only these, if you intend to start up a company or planning to redesign your current website, you can always look up on their “Content Management System” package, in short CMS. For further seductive packages, you can always take a look at their official website

One thing that I really want to mention is the service provided. I am not sure if they are working at a 24hrs basis, but what I believe is their efficiency. Without fail, they provide REALLY efficient service from my past experiences *even if i send in request at late night which I really feel sorry to:'(*  Errors were quickly being fixed and prompt replies were given. I guess god always set a reason why they are here for me! I am really not a computer person as well.HAHA..Whenever I came across with IT related problems, I must be KO. sobbbb. Thanks for Cstudio rescue team that always help me to sort out all the problems and panics.

In a nutshell, Cstudio is my choice of starting a blog domain and definitely will have them in blogging career in the future,  what about you???
Thanks for reading!


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