9th MyBalloon Fiesta @ Desa Park City

Have you ever wanted to soak yourself  at a place where is green and wide enough  to have a little picnic so as to escape from the concrete jungle in the city?  Letting the sun-sapped park filled with joy and laughters of you and your love ones.
Here comes the chance! This is because the 9tth MuBalloom Fiesta will be taking place in Desa Park City from 10th-12th March where counter will be available from 3.30 pm onwards.

What a great news to know that it actually happens in the cosy neighbourhood of Desa Park City with the theme of “Balloon in the Park”!

I am very lucky enough to be invited to the media press conference and get to know, convey more details to you guys my readers!!=)
I arrived pretty early in the morning as things were being set up in the field.

From flat and slowly it grows~~
It grows slowly~~
and biggerrrrr~~

It really amazed me by looking how such a gigantic hot air ballon get inflated and turned out to be something big flying towards the clear blue sky. *salute*

Seeing only one balloon in a day, the fiesta, which will be held from 10th-12th of March 2017, there will showcase a total of 18 balloons from 10 participating countries which includes several special-shaped balloons such as Rooster (year of rooster! haha).

the fire is real! LOL

TBH i was coward enough thinking whether if the fire will melt my contact lens if I look at it from this distance then I decided to take a pic and see through my camera’s screen LOL!

I hold really tight afraid that I will fall out

I was really excited and thankful to have the precious opportunity to enjoy the exclusive tethered ride. It went up to 100ft from the ground and it was a memorable experience.
Moving on, we were directed to the club house. Speeches were give by AKA Balloon Sdn Bhd CEO, Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia and Perdane Park City Sdn Bhd respectively.

The sponsors who provide unconditional support for the event

Among the several sponsors, KLIA Transit will be giving a 10% discount during the event days. They are also caring enough to provide a bus stop at KL Sentral to shuttle visitors to Desa Park City in an hourly interval from 3PM-11PM.
WHAT A GREAT NEWS righttt!! meaning you can actually avoid the pool of strawberry, peanut butter jam!!

Apart from that, GRAB will also be offering RM6 off that is valid for two rides to Desa Park City!!
What if car is a necessity for you?? No worries, you can also feel free to park at any of the following location.

For you guys who wish to purchase the ticket, do not hesitate to either buy it
(1) via the website, www.myballoonfiesta.com
(2) at any MyNews.com outlets within Klang Valley

Ticket details are as followed: 

MyBalloonClub tickets are also available at RM300 for adults and RM250 for children that included a complimentary tethered balloon ride exclusively in the morning session!!

Hmmm you must be wondering, “what if i wish to FLY on a hot air balloon”
Of course you can do so by purchasing ticket at the price of RM1200 per person through online whereby breakfast, giftbox as well as a time-lapse video of the balloon flight are provided.

Last but not least, let’s mark down on your calendar and bring your family and friends to have together on that day!
For more information about the Fiesta, you can always visit www.myballoonfiesta.com
hanks for reading!!

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