4D3N Jeju Island Itinerary, South Korea Trip 2017 (PART 2)

Hello brothers sisters I’m finally back to blog bout my Korea trip! This will only be part of the whole trip whereby I covered 4D3N in Jeju Island and I promise the remaining parts in Seoul will be up shortly after this! To be honest, looking back at these photos just make me wanna travel soooooo badly. Btw, if you have not seen my precious post regarding accommodation and transport in Jeju island, feel free to drop by here ! So without further ado, lets see where I went!

Day 1
After a long flight and also transiting from Seoul to Jeju Island, we were quite exhausted that day. Hence I did not really plan anything for that night but a relax, satisfactory dinner! We went to the city nearby our place (Jeju-si) and entered into some random restaurant that has alot of customers. typical asian mind set I know.

( Malaysian thinking : restaurant with many customers = food must be good ) HAHAHA

To be frank, the food served was good and we filled our tummies with lots of BBQ meat. Other than BBQ, we have also ordered bimbimbap and soup. The dinner cost a total of KRW101,000 ( about RM 400 for 4 ppl). Hmmm i wouldnt say eating in Korea is cheap to be honest. Anyways, we went to walk around the city after dinner and the strong wind is really crazyyyy.
But, i love it! HAHAHAThere are many alleys but we did not manage to go in every single one especially when the strong wind blowing along the way, I just wish to stay in my blanket LOL.We ended up went in the convenient shop and grab some snacks before calling off the night.

Cheonjeyoen Falls >> Ossulloc Tea Museum >> Innisfree Jeju
As this is a free and easy trip, our motto is to avoid being typical tourist to have ourselves rushing here and there. This explains that why we always think that the day past extremely fast mainly because we usually starts our day with brunch or even lunch LOLL. To catch up with the time, we quickly settled our brunch near the first attraction that we planned to visit. We had KFC (ikrrr) but I have no idea why KFC in Jeju is tastier HAHA but i think probably because there’s a variety of choices available.  Having a fully loaded stomach, we decided to walk around the nearby buildings before going to the waterfall.  There are also souvenir shops around for tourist to stop by. We in fact went to pick up our car from the parking lot and drove few hundred meters to the waterfall area. HOW SPOLIT WE WERE LOL.
Here’s the list of entrance fees for different age group. Lucky enough we were charged only KRW 1,350 as we are under age 24 *happy kid* LOL.Walking our way in, we were greeted by this beautiful garden. There were several places to check out and the walk to the waterfall itself was really nice enough, with different plants along the path with description boards.  

Stroll through the beautiful walkway to reach this picturesque waterfall. It was cool and peaceful and definitely worth a visit.

Can you spot the waterfall?

Want to get a closer look at the waterfall?


Tucked away in a lush canyon, this waterfall is definitely a great place to beat the heat and relax your soul. In fact there are several waterfalls you can check out here.

Just in love with the nature here!

Can you see how hard I try to stay young?? #timeflies :'(
I would recommend to spend about 2 hours here to relax and chill, after all this is a great place for a city girl like me.

Moving on, we then move to the next destination :
Osulloc Tea Museum
Osulloc Tea Museum building takes the shape of a green tea cup and seeks to harmonize the cultures of the West and East, and past traditions with the modern world. Besides, visitors can not only enjoy unique o’sulloc teas, but also relax next to the lotus pond in the indoor garden. The second floor of the building has an observatory, so visitors can enjoy the views of the nearby green tea fields and the surrounding landscape.

For those who are into tea, this is definitely your place! Different teas from A-Z are all available here and I have once been told that it is good for girls to drink more hot tea. There’s a variety of teas available here and my favourite is definitely GREEN TEA!!!
Speaking about green tea, the cafe here offers the most delicious green tea ice cream. I´m dying to try the cakes but can´t get pass the ice cream.

The green tea icecream is nice but for KR5000 ( about RM20), it is abit over-priced I feel. Anyways, a walk across the road to their tea field is a good photo shot and since the attraction closes at 5pm, visitors can actually mill around the tea field for photos just like this: 

HAHAHAHA ok fail example, here comes another one without me!

What a scene!!
With me again trying to look natural but….Trying to act cool but….  and I just smile will do, lol LOLLL I promise this is the last!!

Dont try to spot me cause I’m not in. We bumped into some local artist with the crew filming something that we dont understand. *say hi to some random oppa*
Innisfree Jeju.

There are alo DIY soap workshop whereby you You can then make a unique soap of your ownSharing its grounds with an in-house cafe and the O’Sulloc Tea Museum, this jeju innisfree outlet is the perfect one stop shop for everyone be it guys or girls. As some of the skincare products sold was exclusive to this outlet thus you can easily fill your basket with all your favourite beauty must-haves, contemplate your haul over a cup of green tea, then educate yourself on Korean tea history and traditions in the museum next door!

There are also DIY soap workshop available whereby you can then make a unique soap of your own!

This place is definitely a good stop for lunch or afternoon tea and to pick up souvenirs.

Had some matcha dessert in the cafe area, overlooking the tea plantation.
P/S : Recommend spending about an hour plus but I have no idea why I spent up to 2 hours plus LOLLast but not least attraction for the day
I must say that I did not actually buy the ticket but passed by and went in to have a look at it.
Hello Kitty IslandAs I’m not a very Kitty person, so couldn’t comment much about that. Based on what I have seen during my visit, the premises is quite small and it seems like there isn’t many things to look at.
However, the museum is quite well presented and organised. Both cute and pink I would say! Lots of kids and laughter about. Here’s the business hours of the lobby, cafe and also 3D theatre. And of course not forgetting the entrance fee.
Hence, you can always put this in your list to visit if your kids are huge hello kitty fan or you have plenty of time to spare in Jeju Island.
It’s very much about my Day 1 and 2 in Jeju Island and Day 3 will be coming up soon.

Stay tune and thanks for reading!

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